100mm & 150mm Silicon Carbide (SiC) Wafer Sale

university wafer substrates

We have the following Silicon Carbide Wafers Grades

When you need a solution to your power performance, the following SiC has very high crystal quality and low defect densities. These SiC substrates optimize targeted performance, reduce costs for next generation power electronic devices,
and total cost of ownership for next generation power electronics devices.

For our current SiC specials we have:

• 100 mm and 150 mm SiC epitaxial wafers
• 150 mm and
• SiC ingots

Wafer Description



100mm Test / Mechanical


- Tune equipment
- Experiments
- Non-device applications

100mm Production


-650v to 1700v Diode
- add $30 per um for epi (Min of 12)

150mm Mechanical


- Tune equipment
- Experiments
- Non-device applications

150mm Test


Mechanical grade with better shape (bow / warp)

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Silicon Carbide (SiC) Wafer Grading

Our grading structure allows power device designers to more
confidently pinpoint the Silicon Carbide wafers that optimizes the performance and cost of their next generation device design. This SiC substrate grading structure sets a higher standard for specifying tolerances. At the highest quality tier, materials feature defect densities as low as MPD ≤ 0.1 cm-2,
TSD ≤ 500 cm-2 and BPD ≤ 1,000 cm-2.

Grades Strengths Applications
Prime Standard Guaranteed MPD tolerances. Balances performance and cost for electronic components with low to medium current ratings. Schottky and junction barrier
Schottky diodes
Prime Select More stringent tolerances for MPD current ratings and TSD.
Allows for manufacturing with mid-range current ratings.
Pin Diodes and Switches
Prime Ultra Extremely low MPD, TSD and BPD tolerances and tightened
wafer resistivity. Ensures product quality and improves cost
efficiency in manufacturing high current devices.
High current and voltage
and pin diodes with large die

SiC Grade and Specs

Below are the specs of the inventory we have for sale. See below for 150mm SiC.

100mm Standard Production and Test

4H-1440 n+ Silicon Carbide Wafer
100mm, 4 deg off-axis

4h 1440  n + sic substrate

150mm Silicon Carbide Wafers 4 deg off-axis 4H-1460 n+

150mm 4 deg off-axis sic wafer