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Solar Silicon Cells up to 19.5% efficiency

Since the 1970s the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) has cataloged over 20 differerent type of solar cell technology. Below are some solar cell technologies:

  • traditional crystalline silicon cells
  • thin-film cells
  • single-junction cells
  • multi-junction cells
  • quantum dot cells
  • solar concentrators

These above tech have various efficiencies.Our monocrystalline solar cells have efficiencies of up to 19.5%.

What does solar efficiency rating measures the percentage of sunlight photons hitting the solar cell for a given space. Higher efficiency means that less surface area is required to to generate electricity. So a small rooftop will want to use higher efficiency panels to compensate for smaller surface area.

Below are just some of the Solar cells that we have in stock.

At present, we had poly and mono solar cells in stock as follow.Hope it is useful to you.

6 inch Poly cell

  • - Poly solar cells,156*156mm,6inch,3BB/4BB,17.6-17.8% efficiency
  • - Poly solar cells,156*156mm,6inch,3BB/4BB,above 18% efficiency

6 inch Mono cell

  • - Mono solar cells,156*156mm,6inch,3BB,4.3Watt/PCS
  • - Mono solar cells,156*156mm,6inch,3BB,18.8-19.5% efficiency

5 inch Mono cell

  • - 125mm Mono Solar cells ,P type, 2BB, 2.8W/PCS
  • - 125mm Mono Solar cells ,Sunpower, 2BB, 3.2-3.5W/PCS