Silicon on Insulator (SOI)

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Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) - Can't buy many wafers? We can quote you just one wafer

SOI Wafer Special included diced SOI wafers for greater savings.

diced silicon on insulator wafers

SIMOX Silicon-on-Insulator Wafers

150mm SOI P/B (100) 625um 1,000 ohm-cm
Device 200nm
Oxide 1,000nm

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Current SOI Specials 8" SOI with device layer 50nm thick

- 8" SOI with device layer 50nm thick
-Top Si: p-type/<100>/8.5-11.5
-Box:0.2um thick
-Handle Si wafer:p-type/<100>/725um thick/15


New Silicon-on-Insulator Buying Program.

We are working with several SOI manufacturers to provide small quanties of SOI to you. Whole wafers and diced pieces available at a deep discount
For example we have a potential order for 50 of the following:

100mm P/B (100) 500um 10-20 ohm-cm Prime Grade
Device 340nm
Oxide 1,000nm

The manufacturer's minimum quantity is 50 wafers. But you only need say 1-3 wafers. We could potentiall buy 50 and sell you just a few at a very reasonable cost.

Other diameters such as 150mm is also possible. IF this interests you, please let us know. Or fill out the form below and let us know which specs you need.

Recent Inventory Additions Specs. Device Oxide
150mm SMX-6P675-0.375-0.2P-SIM-01 200nm 375nm
150mm SMB-6P675-3-0.22P-SIM-01 220nm 3μm
150mm BES-6P675-2.5-50P-AAC-01 50nm 2.5μm
100mm SMB-4P430-1-0.35P-SIM-01 350 1μm

200nm Device Layer UNIBOND SOI Wafer

SOI Item #G4P-017-01 - 100mm P/B (100) 500um14-22 ohm-cm Device 340nm, Oxide 1000nm UNIBOND Prime Grade
(50 wafers left)

340nm Device Layer UNIBOND SOI Wafer

(75 wafers left)
SOI Item #G4M-005-01- 100mm P/ B(100) 500um 14-22 ohm-cm Device 340nm, Oxide 400nm UNIBOND Monitor Grade