4 Inch Silicon Based GaN LED Wafer

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100mm Gallium Nitride (GaN) on Silicon Wafer Inventory

We have a large selection of large diameter GaN on Si wafers. Please let us know if you can use the following, or if you need another spec and quantity.

Si-Based LED GaN Epi structure Blue LED Wafer

Silicon Diameter: 100m
Specs: P/B (111)
Thickness 975 micron

Spec Thickness Doping Conentration
P+ 5nm Mg doping 1E20cm-3
P-GaN 40nm Mg doping 5E20cm-3
P-AlGaN 20nm Mg doping 5E20cm-3
P-Gan 40nm Mg doping 5E20cm-3
MQW 80nm
N-GaN 150nm Si doping 1E18cm-3
N-GaN 1000nm Si doping 5E18cm-3
U-GaN 500nm
AlGaN 1500m,
AlN 150nm
Silicon Substrate (111) 975um

100mm Sapphire Based LED Wafer

Sapphire-Based LED GaN Epi structure Blue LED Wafer

Wafer Size: 100mm
Substrate: C-plane Sapphire (0001)
Substrate Thickness: 650 um

100mm sapphire based light emitting diodes

Why Used Silicon To Make Gallium Nitride LEDs?

Silicon Carbide and Sapphire (Al2O3) substrates have and are currently used as a base material to make Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs).  Both SiC and Al2O3 wafers are far more expensive than silicon wafers.   This has slowed the adoption of LED lighting in residential and commercial lighting.   UniversityWafer, Inc. now can grow Gallium Nitride (GaN) on lower-cost silicon wafers. Not only does the lower priced silicon save manufacturers on material costs, they can utilize the same semiconductor equipment used in current silicon wafer fabrication.   This can save the fab a whopping 75% costs over Silicon Carbide and Sapphire.