Silicon Wafers for Equipment Testing and Reclaiming

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Silicon Wafers for Relaiming or Testing Semiconductor Equipment

We have a large supply of 8" and 12" Silicon Wafers to test your semiconductor equipment. They can also be used for reclaiming. The price is low, but varies depending on quantity.

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200mm Silicon For Equipment Testing and Reclaiming

8 inch silicon wafers for equipment testing

200mm Silicon Wafers for Reclaiming

8 inch wafers for testing process equipment

300mm Silicon Wafer Coin Roll

12 inch silicon reclaimed wafers for testing process equipment

300mm Patterned Silicon Wafers for Reclaiming and Testing Semicondcutor Equipment

12 inch substrate for process equipment testing

Silicon Wafers for Testing Equipment

Recovery of semiconductor wafers and thin film precipitation today announced the launch of its new wafer equipment testing service. UniversityWafer, Inc., provides information on world-class semiconductor device manufacturing wafers and test films for device manufacturing and testing. This allows us to verify the quality and reliability of our equipment and the performance of the silicon chips, and to ensure the integrity of embedded bridges and other key components of our products, such as the chips themselves. [Sources: 2, 5]

The test procedure includes the testing of polished, flat and notched silicon wafers as well as flat, flat and notched wafer test films. Ordinary silicone films differ from ordinary silicone films in their thickness, width, thickness and thickness. [Sources: 4, 9]

Furnace Grade \ are bees with a thickness of 1.5 mm, 2 mm or 3 mm and a width of 5 mm. Silicon discs for kiln construction also have a diameter of 2.6 mm (1 mm) and a diameter of 0.3 mm. [Sources: 4]

Silicon Process Test Wafers are bees with a thickness of 1.5 mm, 2 mm or 3 mm and a width of 5 mm. There are three additional classifications of premium wafers intended for special process applications. [Sources: 4]

A wafer testing system includes the ability to apply burn-in tests and signals for integrated circuits. Wafer probes can be used in a wide range of applications such as circuits, circuit design and circuit assembly. The wafer special uses a combination of high speed, low power, high voltage and high circuit. It can use a variety of methods to test the various circuit functions of the wader as well as a number of other applications. [Sources: 3, 11]

When the wafer itself is positioned on an electrical contact, there is a probe card in the contact, which consists of several contacts of a microscopic nature. The wafers to be tested are brought into contact with their probe cards either by the wafer handler or by a machine device. A probe - a so-called "probe card" - is held in place during the vacuum of the wafer and moved via the electrical contacts. [Sources: 7, 10, 11]

The wafer probe card (# 514) would contact it and the wafer handler would then be moved to fetch it for testing. Once the second wafer has been tested and completed its test cycle, it will be removed from its test head. It can be positioned and placed on the back of the wafer test head, or it can be placed and positioned on a contact with a second, similar contact to the one with Contact Card # 614. The third wafers are then connected to the wafer testing head in its place, as well as to another contact. [Sources: 11]

The ATE system tests the unpackaged chips on the wafer probe, which is designed to touch the IO bonding pad of the device. [Sources: 0]

The cross-linking of wafer tests with the same ATE 502 significantly improves the throughput of the wafers tested. The use of a cartridge for testing the WAFers is a significant improvement over the current method of probing the waffles themselves. It also helps automate the testing of WAFERS by allowing them to be easily transported, installed and uninstalled from different types of testing equipment on the production line. [Sources: 11]

Syagrus Systems is a leading provider of post-fab and back-end processes for silicon wafers used in semiconductor and electronic component manufacturing. Pure Wafer is one of the largest US providers of high performance, low cost testing equipment and services. SyagRus Systems offers everything you need, including conductive paths created by metallization on silicon wafers, as well as a wide range of testing services. [Sources: 1, 2]

Silicon Mechanical Test Wafers is one of the world's largest manufacturers of testing equipment for the production of semiconductors and electronic components. Test class wafers are used for applications that require large quantities of wafers for the manufacture and testing of devices. Manufacturers of semiconductor capital equipment also use the process of testing silicon wafers to develop and characterize semiconductors and manufacturing processes. Once premium silicone wafers are manufactured, manufacturers rely on Pure Wafer wathers specialists to perform top-class wafer testing, as the films support a fully optimized production process for a variety of applications. [Sources: 2, 4]

Check the purity and molecular alignment of semiconductor crystals, check the quality of the materials used and check the wafers for surface defects with precision measuring instruments. When using test equipment for testing, the correct position of the probes is determined by regulating the temperature, pressure, humidity and other parameters of a silicon wafer, as well as the thickness and shape of its surface. The investigation of WAFers is measured with a variety of methods, such as high-resolution microscopy, spectroscopy and spectrometry. Wafer tests for testing semiconductors and components for defects, for checking the purity, molecular alignment and chemical composition of their components, and for checking and inspecting for possible defects in the material. [Sources: 6, 8]



















Quantity (kg)


8" - Pattern Wafer


200 ± 0.5mm

Semi standard

Avg. 700 - 900µm


Etch or film



12" - Bare/Film Wafer


300 ± 0.5mm

Semi standard

Avg. 680 - 750µm

Polish or film

Polish or film


Price depends on quantity.  

Product: coin roll 12” wafers (mixed)