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150mm Sapphire Substrate

Our sapphire wafers have tight total thickness variation (TTV) and low roughness. Please send us your specs and quantity for an immediate quote.

Below is just an example of the 150mm Sapphire that we sell.

6" R-Plane Sapphire Wafer,Single Side Polish
Type: CZ Grown Substrate
Diameter: 150 +/- 0.3mm
Surface Orientation: R-Plane(11-02): +/-1°
Primary Flat Orientation: 45° +/-2° CCW off C-axis projection on R-plane
Primary Flat Length: 47.5 +/-2.5 mm
Thickness: 0.60 +/- 0.025mm
TTV: </=20 μm
BOW: </=25 μm
WARP: </=40 μm
Surface finish (1 side): Epi-polished Ra</=0.3 nm
Surface finish (2 side): fine ground Ra </=1.0 um
Chamfer: Rounded
Laser marking: B/S
Package: Clean room,25pcs wafer in cassette vacuum sealed