Dummy grade HEMT GaN Wafer for Power Application

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HEMT Wafers for Power Applications

Gallium nitride is a wide bandgap semiconductor is the focus of much research and development in recent years due to its potential for high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs).

The promise of gallium nitride HEMTs is that they could offer a significant increase in performance over traditional silicon-based transistors, but the technology has yet to be perfected.

The solution: High electron mobility transistors based on gallium nitride could revolutionize the electronics industry, but significant challenges remain before this technology can be put into widespread use. UniversityWafer, Inc. and our parters are dedicated to overcoming these challenges and bringing this revolutionary technology to market. See below.

Researcher HEMT Request:

I’m looking for any of the various wafer types used in power, HEMT, and photonics, starting with GaN. I don’t need whole wafers, and could even use rejects, as I’d be hunting for crystal defects. I think my budget won’t allow more than a few hundred.

UniversityWafer, Inc. Quoted:

We usually using Silicon substrate epi growth the HEMT GaN wafer,Pls see below for the detailed spec and offer,our in stock HEMT GaN wafer was 6-inch wafer.

Dummy grade HEMT GaN Wafer for Power application

1. Substrate Silicon (111): 1000 μm thickness
2. Wafer diameter: 150 mm
3. Epi-Layer thickness: >/= 4.0 μm
4. "AlGaN (AlGaN barrier Thickness)": 25 nm
5. AIN spacer: 1 nm
6. GaN chanel: 300 nm
7. Surface morphology: Rms<0.5nm in 5×5 μm2
8. Wafer bowing: <50 μm
9. 2DEG ns tunable: >/= 1.0E13cm-2
10. Electron mobility: >/= 1600 cm2/Vs
11. Sheet resistance: > 360-ohm/s
12. Buffer resistivity: >105 Ohm.cm
13. Vertical Breakdown Voltage: >600V

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What is a HEMT Wafer?

A high quality High Electron Mobility Transistors (HEMT) wafer is a solid, lightweight, barrier-resistant layer of metal that is used in the electronics industry for soldered joints and mounts. They are highly conductive of electricity and can be used in all kinds of applications, from small to large electronics and communications systems. This means that these wafers are excellent electrical carriers and transfer a large number of electric currents easily and smoothly. In fact, they can transfer up to 300 times their own weight in an hour!fabricating hemt wafers

There are several different manufacturing methods for the manufacture of a HEMT wafer. The most basic method involves placing sheets of copper or lead (the latter is typically lead-free) on a hard, flat plate. Layers are then attached to the plate using small sharp tools. Copper or lead-based surfaces are bonded to the surface using a variety of chemical agents. The plate may also be coated with a variety of coatings to achieve a variety of effects, such as a flat lamination or the "hampered" surface, which imparts sharp edges to the laminate but makes the final surface smooth.

Another common method of producing a wafer is to heat a sheet of aluminum, tin, or iron (the latter is usually a lead-free) to a specific temperature, wherein bonding begins after the surface vaporizes. Because only a small area of the flat plate is heated, the resulting product is very smooth. Although this method can produce a very high quality product, it is also the most inefficient method. In addition, due to the relatively limited surface area exposed to electrical current, the final surface may not be as resistant to abrasion or extreme temperatures as a HEMT wafer produced using a flat plate.

The third common method used for the production of a Hemt Gan wafer, which may also be called a flat plate laminator, is called thermal roll laminating. This process produces a very consistent final surface that has excellent adhesive strength, however it lacks the robustness and wear resistance of a true Hemt Gan wafer. In comparison to flat plate laminating, thermal roll laminating produces a smooth, flat, and secure product. This is often the process of choice when laminate flooring needs to be installed in an area with considerable traffic.

All three methods allow for customization of the flat plates. For example, an individual wishing to create a honeycomb pattern can do so, because the flat plate has the ability to be rotated in any desired direction. This allows the layman to create a comb that will grow to the size he desires. In addition, the flat plates of today are manufactured with unique features that cannot be found on previous generation of Hemt Gan laminated flooring.

Because the manufacturing process has been streamlined for the layman, the price has decreased significantly and the quality of the finished product has increased. Flat wafers can also be obtained in a variety of colors including; clear, brown, black and cream. Some companies have gone so far as to add a frosted look to their flat wafers, giving them a laminate look that is beautiful and functional.

While there is no standard thickness for HEMT GaN wafers, they are available in different sizes. The larger the size of the wafer, the less expensive the piece will be. For example, the largest flat wafers are sold in packs of four and use approximately five pounds of material per square foot. If a company chooses to order a custom made wafer, then the price will increase accordingly. Generally, if a company purchases four standard wafers in a stock size, they can expect to pay around twenty dollars for each piece.

In addition to their affordability, HEMT Gan wafers are also known for their durability and they hold up to everyday wear and tear. When these products are used in an environment that is frequently moist or exposed to elements such as heat, the edges of the wafer may begin to rust. In order to avoid damage from rusting, it is important to clean the wafer straight after use. Many companies that sell HEMT GaN products are able to offer a full warranty on the wafers, ensuring that they will not be disposed of due to manufacturing fault. In addition, many of the larger companies that sell Hemt GaN products have a nationwide network of distributors and are able to get the wafers to any location that orders them.