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SOITEC, a leading supplier of technical substrates for solar power plants, today announced that its Concentrix Solar Division has joined the Transgreen Initiative. Soitec, one of the world's leading providers of high-performance solar modules, today announced the establishment of a Trans-Green partnership with TransGreen Initiative (TGI), a non-profit organization. Soitec, the leading supplier of advanced solar modules and engineering substrates, today announced the establishment of the Trans Green Initiative (tm) to develop solutions for renewable energy. [Sources: 2, 7]

GlobalWafers was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan. GlobalWafers is a manufacturer and supplier of silicon wafer ingots. The company offers a range of thin film substrates for IC manufacturing, including bound SOI, which trade under the trade name UNIBOND. SVM supplies thick and thin film silicon for insulator wafers up to 200 mm to meet each customer's unique specifications. In the SoI project, which covers the concept from finishing to the production of high-performance solar modules and technical substrates for solar power plants, S VM also supplies the processing of silicon into insulators and shafts. [Sources: 0, 6, 10]

Soitec also uses its Smart Cut technology to develop specially developed, tailored wafer solutions for SOI. His goal is to establish his Smart-Cut-TM as the standard for the production of high-performance, low-cost silicon wafers. The increased performance requirements for these new applications are met by the use of the company's Smart Cut TM technology in the production of thin film insulators. [Sources: 9]

The Soitec Group is a leading innovator in technical substrates and solutions that serve as the basis for the production of high-performance, cost-effective silicon wafers. The Group uses its own smart cut technology to develop semiconductor wafer technologies for silicon insulators (SOI), which are becoming the standard for high-performance and cost-effective thin film insulators. SOISIC offers a wide range of products based on emerging processes and ultimately strives to become a major company for fabulous semiconductors. They are using their proprietary "Smart Cut" technology to develop SiliconIsolator (tm) technology, which is designed to become the standard substrate for silicon-to-a-substrate (SOSI) or silicon on a silicon substrate for SoI waves. [Sources: 3, 7, 9, 12]

SOI is becoming the material platform of the future, enabling high-performance, fast chips that consume less power and are produced in large quantities. Soitec direct bonding technology is used to manufacture BSOS substrates using highly tuned semiconductor wafers. BSOs manufactured using the patented Smart Cut (tm) process for the production of silicon-to-silicon substrates (SOSI). The group uses its own "Smart Cut" technology to develop silicon insulators (SOI) that are becoming the standard substrate for high-performance, cost-effective, thin silicon layers on a silicon-to-A (SoI) wafer. [Sources: 2, 4, 8, 12]

The SOI layer electronically isolates the top active silicon layer from the rest of the wafer, and the two wafers are effectively separated. SoI - like a layer on an oxidized cotton wool, this is a plasma that is treated to make contact with the silicon on Sentry 101. The tensed silicon film (104) is transferred to the SO I - as on the wafer 401. This is the "SOI" substrate for the wafer and is called UNIBOND - WAFER 6 after the process shown in Figure 1. A, SOi wafers manufactured using the smart cut process are called "UNIBond WAFers 6." [Sources: 0, 1, 11]

In this case, the two Aleyersa that dissolve are the SOI, which is made of silicon that is about to become a semiconductor substrate. The relaxation phenomenon becomes useful for detachment when two detached layers assimilate into two discs that were previously connected to each other by subjecting them to prestressing until they are adjusted to each other. In the case of a detached wafer with two different layers, they may have different mechanical properties. For example, a layer dissolved by the "SOI" was incorporated into a two-layer bond previously assembled into a single layer, while another layer that dissolved from a wafer with a separate layer of the same material on the other side of it was unable to integrate into it. [Sources: 5]

You will remember that the "SOI" is annealed using a process known as state of the art. SOI is produced in a vacuum chamber, where it is extracted from the weakening zone created by implantation. [Sources: 5]

In addition to its own production, Soitec has strategically licensed its technology to companies such as Shin-Etsu and Handotai and acquired intellectual property related to Smart Cut technology, including full sub-licensing rights for the technology. [Sources: 0]

Soitec's partner ASM International recently announced that it has reached an important milestone in its partnership with AMD, the world's largest semiconductor manufacturer. To confirm the company's growing confidence as a leading SOI provider, the company recently announced that it has received the World-Class Supplier Spotlight Award from Advanced Micro Devices Inc. for its commitment to developing high-performance, cost-effective, high-performance, and high-quality SoI solutions for AMD. With AMD, we offer the highest quality, highest quality and most cost effective solutions in the industry. [Sources: 9]

















Item Dia Typ/Dop Ori Res ohm-cm Handle Device nm Oxide μm (or nm)
2327 25mm sq P/B (100) 14-22 625 500 3
2377 150mm P/B (100) 14-22 675 100 200nm
2415 150mm P/B (100) 13.5-22.5 625 500 3
2265 200mm P/B (100) 9-16 725 145 135
2266 200mm P/B (100) 9-16 725 190 150
2551 200mm P/B (100) 1-20 725 70 2,000nm
2268 300mm P/B (100) 9-16 775 50 145