Why is Silicon Wafers Used Semiconductor Chip production?

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Why is Silicon and Not another Material Widely Used in Semiconductors?

The simple answer is price. Silicon is the second most abundant material on earth after Carbon.

Eventually other materials, will have to be used to get faster computers and smaller components etc. But these other materials are far more expensive to procure and tooling is limited. One 100mm Silicon Wafer Prime Grade in large quantities can be sold for around $10.00 each or less. Silicon Carbide, a much stronger material is very difficult to work with and, currently, costs 30x as much as the same sized silicon wafer!

But you will most likely see more expensive electronics that can do more in the next ten years, but you will pay a premium over silicon.

This may create a socials problem as wealthier people would be able to afford a $10,000.00 laptop while the rest will have to make do with handheld devices.

What the outcome will be is beyond the scope of this web site. But it will be interesting to watch.

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