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How much does a 8 inch wafer cost?

Prices for 8 Inch Silicon wafers can vary depending on a number of factors, including the quantity purchased, the type of wafer, and the supplier. It is best to contact a supplier directly to inquire about current prices. Naturally buying in volume reduces the cost. We sell as few as one 8 inch wafer.

Please send us your spec and quantity for an immediate quote.

Below Are Just Some of the 8 Inch Silicon Wafers that We Carry

Although there are a number of suppliers dealing with silicon wafers, the performance of suppliers with larger silicon sizes 200mm is dismal. Silicon wafer suppliers can be time consuming -to find the best polished silicon discs that are sourced directly from their suppliers. UniversityWafer, Inc. guarantees the quality of all dimaeter wafers that we sell.

We have a large selection of standard and hard to find specs in stock. We work with the researcher to provide the best specs for their research. Fast delivery is a must and we carry in inventory the following. If you don't see what you need, just let us know!

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8" Silicon Wafer Orientations

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Is there an 8 Inch Silicon Wafer Shortage?

The semiconductor industry is facing a shortage of 8-inch silicon wafers, and some foundries are looking for alternatives. This shortage is causing problems for the production of large-scale chips.

UniversityWafer, Inc. solves this problem along with our partners by increasing our production levels of 8-inch silicon wafers. With our increased production, we can meet the demand for these large-scale chips and avoid any disruptions in the supply chain.


Large Selection of 8 Inch Silicon Wafers In stock

You can buy as few as one wafer or large volumes. We cater to the researcher who needs a high-quality, but affordable substrate to experiment on.

Where Can You Buy Undoped Float Zone (FZ)
8 Inch Silicon Wafers

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Note: Surface - P = Polished, E = Etched, C = AsCut, Ox = Oxide (on that surface); Material - CZ unless noted







Resistivity Ωcm

M584 n-type Si:P [100] 8" 725 P/E FZ 2,500-3,700
Prime, SEMI notch, TTV <6μm, Bow<15μm, Warp<40μm, Empak cst
B119 Intrinsic Si:- [100] 8" 725 P/E FZ >20,000
SEMI notch Prime, Empak cst, TTV<8μm, Bow<10μm, Warp<20μm
7119 Intrinsic Si:- [100] 8" 725 P/E FZ >10,000
SEMI notch Prime, Empak cst, TTV<10μm, Bow<15μm, Warp<30μm

8 Inch Silicon Wafers Market for Research, Testing Equipment and or reclaiming

What is the Market for 8 Inch Silicon Wafer?

While the supply of 8-inch silicon wafers is at a critical point, demand is increasing as a 8 inch silicon wafers with notch orientationresult. The industry is facing a shortage of 8-inch silicon wafers, and some foundries are looking to purchase 8-inch manufacturing lines from IDMs. In fact, UMC and Toshiba are currently in talks to buy 8-inch manufacturing lines from Toshiba. But despite their efforts, the shortage of these silicon fabs will continue for at least another two years.

In addition to a shortage of 8-inch silicon wafers, the shortage of equipment for 8-inch fabs will be even greater. The most important equipment required to manufacture 8-inch silicon wares is the lithography machine and etching equipment. This equipment will be in short supply after 2014, and this makes the production of these semiconductors even more expensive. Ultimately, the global 8-inch fab capacity may exceed 5.5M/wpe.

A major problem facing the global electronics industry is the shortage of 8-inch silicon wafers. This has been an issue for more than two years, and the products that are in short supply are made by mainly eight-inch wafer fabs, which lack the production capacity to meet the demand. The 8-inch fabs are the primary source of these products, and their production capacity is crucial for the entire industry.

The main products that are made from 8-inch silicon wafers are analog chips, discrete devices, logic chips, and MEMS. Currently, a third of the world's 8-inch silicon fabs are produced in Japan. Since the start of 2016, the capacity of these semiconductor factories has increased significantly in Japan. Its inventory ratio has decreased from 90 percent in 2016 to just under forty percent at the end of 2017. Consequently, prices for these products have increased.

The shortage of eight-inch silicon wafers has led to an increase in prices in the past few years. This is because the demand for this type of semiconductor is growing faster than the supply. In addition, the cost of eight-inch wafers has risen so dramatically that the price of them has become unaffordable for many. The high cost of these materials means that the market has experienced a dramatic increase in price in recent years.

In addition to these costs, the shortage of eight-inch silicon wafers is also affecting the supply chain. The current supply of eight-inch silicon is at an all-time low. The price of these silicon wafers has a direct impact on semiconductor industry prices. While most eight-inch fabs are still in use, the demand for eight-inch wafers has reached a critical limit. The demand for these products is limited because of the lack of investment in the manufacturing process.

Currently, the supply of eight-inch silicon wafers is at an all-time high. Until the end of 2018, the supply chain will be stretched to the breaking point. According to EE Times, UMC's eight-inch silicon wafer supply chain could hit its peak in February 2020. With all these factors in mind, it's important to be prepared. The looming shortage is a major obstacle to making the semiconductor industry work efficiently.