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Bulk Gallium Nitride

High voltage and high frequency power electronic devices created with Bulk GaN have fewer impurities thus improving performance over Gallium Nitride grown a substrate including

  • Silicon (Si)
  • Sapphire (Al2O3)
  • Silicon Carbide (Si)

Few companies can grow Bulk, or Free Standing, Gallium Nitride.

But UniversityWafer, Inc. and our partners can!

Below are just some of our Free Standing and Bulk 100mm GaN substrates

Wafer origin : Japan
N-type Bulk GaN wafer 4''
4'' Bulk GaN substrate wafer,HVPE Method
Diameter: 100.0±0.5mm
Orientation: C-Plane(0001) ±1.0 deg
Primary flat orientation :M-plane(10-10) ±0.5deg
Primary flat length: 32.0±1.0mm
Secondary flat orientation :A-plane(11-20) ±0.5deg
Secondary flat length: 16.0±1.0mm
Thickness: 400±30um
TTV: </=35um
Micro-roughness: Ra</=0.2nm
Front surface finish: Epi-polished
Back surface finish: Polished
Micro-roughness: Ra</=1.0nm
Dislocation density: <(1~6)E6/cm2
Conduction type: N-type
Resistivity: ≤ 0.5 Ohm.cm
Laser Marking : Back side or None
Packaging: Clean room,indicidual fluoroware wafer vacuum sealed

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We also have:

GaN on Sapphire

GaN on Silicon

GaN on Silicon Carbide

Bulk Gallium Nitride (GaN) and GaN Wafers

We have a large selection of Bulk GaN wafers in stock.

Our Bulk GaN including N-type and Semi insulating type from 2" to 4", as well as small pieces of customized dimensions,also different of crystal orientations,pls see attachment for our general wafer spec.

Besides Bulk GaN wafer, we also do well on GaN-on-Silicon/SiC/Sapphire Based HEMT wafer,of which very popular GaN wafer in recently years,vand will come being main stream on Power and RF applications.

Please let us know if you have an interest.

Bulk GaN Inventory

Please let us know which spec you can use or send us the specs and quantity that you would like us to quote!

Bulk Gallium Nitride Substrates

Diameter Orient. Substrate Thickness Surface Finish GaN Template Thickness Conduction Type Dopant Quantity
2 <0001> 400+/-30um SSP / DSP Bulk GaN Wafer N/S.I N/S.I </=25
4 <0001> 600+/-30um SSP / DSP Bulk GaN Wafer N/S.I N/S.I </=25
2 <0001> 400+/-30um SSP / DSP GaN Epi on GaN Substrate N/S.I N/S.I </=25