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Can you Deposit Metal Films on Sapphire Wafers?

Researcher Questions

We are wondering if your company can fabricate metal thin films on your sapphire wafers. We are looking for providers of thin films on sapphire of the general structure: sapphire (base) - metal M (5-20nm) - Au (500-1000 nm). here, a thin metal of element M (where M can be a range of different types of metal) of thickness 5-20nm, encapsulated by a thick layer of gold. the deposition needs to be done sequentially and immediately, so the metal M does not come into contact with ambient before being protected my the gold layer. we are looking for high purity metal depositions. another question we have is whether you have the capacity to deposit thin films of metallic borides or alternatively of elemental boron? this would also be of interest for us. 


UniversityWafer, Inc. can deposit, by sputtering or Electron Beam Evaporation thin films of various metals (such as Ti, Fe, Cu, Ni, W, Cr) and then a film of Au.

In the EBEv equipment we can deposit on 4"Ø wafers layers of several different metals without having to open the reactor.
In the sputtering reactor we can do the same but we might be more limited as to our choice of targets.

The inner metal films should be at least 20nm thick to assure uniform covering of the substrate.

I think that depositing a film of Boron is not a problem although for sputtering we might not have such a target.

Metal Borides are not a fundamental problem provided they do not dissociate during EB evaporation, and not a problem for sputtering provided we have appropriate targets.

I do not know off-hand if there are any problems with the various metals adhering to Sapphire.

Minimum Order Quantity for each type of film structure is 8 of 4"Ø wafers for EVEv and either 1 or 22 4"Ø wafers for sputtering (depending on the reactor used).

We await your specifications

Wafers Quoted

  • Orientation:     <0001> (C-plane)
  • Dimension:        Dia. 2"x0.5 mm
  • Polishing:         Single side polished
  • Roughness: Front-side Ra<0.5nm, Back-side Ra<1um
  •  5~20um (Ti or Cr) + 100nm Au on Back-side


Sapphire Substrate Uses

Researchers use sapphire for various RF components for 5G.

Below is one specs researchers use.

4” Sapphire 0.380+/-0.03mm thick, 4” 100m

m diameter C Plane Sapphire, two polished surface. Standard TTV and BOW <20um,qty 7pcs on shelf - 1 week delivery

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