Fused Silica Quartz Windows JGS1, JGS2, JGS3 Grades in Stock

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Fused Silica Quartz Windows Grade & Properties

There are three types of Fused Silica and applications

JGS1 Fused Silica

  • Laser substrate
  • Windows
  • Lens
  • Prism
  • Mirror

JGS2 Fused Silica

  • Semiconductors
  • High-Temperature Windows

JGS3 Fused Silica

  • Infrared Substrates
  • Ultra-Violet Substrates

Fused Silica Quartz Wafers Inventory JGS1, JGS2 and JGS3 in stock. 50μm - >1,000μm also available.

Below are just some of the fused quartz windows that we have in stock.

Please let us know if you have a custom spec you would like us to quote.

Item Dia Thk Pol
2467 10mm Sq 500μm DSP
1951 50.8mm 100μm DSP
2337 76.2mm 50μm DSP
518 100mm 500μm DSP
1943 100mm 1,000μm DSP
2090 150mm 500μm DSP


What is the Strain Point for Fused Silica

The strain point for fused silica is at 983 degrees centigrade.