JGS1 Ultraviolet Fused Silica Windows

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JGS1 Fused Silica Transmission Curve

jgs1 fused silica transmission curve

What is JGS1 Fused Silica?

JGS1 Fused Quartz windows are great for the following applications:

  • Laser substrate
  • Windows
  • Lens
  • Prism
  • Mirror

We have JGS1 Fused Silica Wafers up to 200mm in diameters. Diced pieces are also available and all dimensions can be purchased in small quantities.

Parameter Value JGS1
Max Size <200mm
Tramission Range (medium transmission ratio) 0.17~2.10um (Tavg>90%)
OH-Content 1200 ppm
Fluorescence (ex 254nm) Virtually Free
Impurity Content 5 ppm
Birefringent constant 2-4 nm/cm
Melting Method Synthetic CVD

Where can you purchase JGS1 Ultraviolet Grade Fused Silica?

JGS1 is more expensive than JGS2 or JGS3. But we have a large selection of JGS1 Fused Quartz Windows in Stock.

What other Fused Silica Windows Grades are Available?

Other fused silica wafer grades and their applications include:

  • JGS3 - Lasers, substrates: window, lens, prism, mirror
  • JGS2- Semiconductor and temp windows