Infrared Materials (IR) for Research and Production

University Wafer Silicon Wafers and Semicondcutor Substrates Services
University Silicon Wafer for Production

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We have the following Infrared Materials

1. We have a new partner with; ISO9001, SGS RoHs, and D&B cetificates. We would like to introduce the following materials: crystal and optics for laser system, FTIR/NIR/UV analysis, F-theta, SWIR design, laser collimator, flameter detector, IR sensors, Customized cameras, Military, and R&D labs.
2. growth crystal material of CaF2, BaF2, MgF2 and Silicon in large quantity, and supply Rod, Cut disc, and open radius spherical blanks.

CaF2, D4.0-200mm, VUV, UV, IR grade, mono/poly, $.95-$1.90/g
BaF2, D4.0-145mm, UV, IR grade, mono/ poly, $1.65-3.90/g
MgF2,D4.0-170mm, VUV, UV, IR grade, mono/poly , $3.90-7.90/g
ZnS, D4.0-170mm, VUV, UV, IR grade, mono/poly , $3.90-7.90/g
ZnSe, D4.0-170mm, VUV, UV, IR grade, mono/poly , $5.90-8.90/g
Silicon, D4.0-280mm, P/N type, Cz/Fz, R>10kohm, <111>,<110>,<100>, $0.9-1.2/g

3.Supply optical elements from small to medium quantity at 100-1000pcs per month.
optics: windows, spherical/doublet lenses, achromatic lenses,prism and mirror.
material: Si, GE, ZnSe, Bk7,UVFS,Stih53,SF,CaF2,
polishing: s/d: 40-20; fringes: 1/4 lambda; wedge: 1 arc min;
coating: V-coating, VIS coating, BBAR/DLC coating.
testing: ZyGo and FuJi interferometers
4. optical design and assembly service.

we have a 6 persons team to do customized optical design, and the wavelength cover 0.2um to 16.0um.It used to UV camera lenses, NIR/SWIR lenses, Zoom Design, F-theta design, laser expander and collimators etc.